Chiefs DE Chris Jones saw a penalty flag in the air, so he caught it

Maybe Ed Hochuli should put those glasses back on!

Thielen is the kind of dog who refused to back down in a small shoving match with Jones at that open scrimmage; who scorched the Packers’ secondary last Christmas Eve for 202 yards—the most by a Vikings receiver since Moss in 1999—and punctuated his first of two TDs with a Lambeau Leap; who struts past Zimmer on the sideline, barking over and over, “They can’t cover me!”

The Falcons have won three of their last four road games after their victory in Los Angeles last weekend. They have now forced at least one turnover in six straight away games after failing to force a single one in their previous three.

Philadelphia has totaled less than 220 yards of offense in their last two home games, the first time they’ve done so since Sept. 12-19, 1999. They have not done so in three straight home games since Oct. 10-31, 1971.

Atlanta is 4-2 in the playoffs since the start of the 2012 season. They won six playoff games between 1966 and 2011.

McNabb and Davis had both been suspended, along with several other current and former NFL Network analysts and an executive, after a former NFL Network wardrobe stylist, Jami Cantor, filed a wrongful termination lawsuit in October alleging the harassment.

In that situation, players are typically ejected since they’re not supposed to be putting their hands on officials. Marshawn Lynch was ejected for the same thing earlier this season against Kansas City.

Much like Lynch, however, it appeared that Pouncey didn’t realize it was an official that he was about to put his hands on.

Across the Vikings’ meeting room, from the third row: “Then I’m gonna—DEH-DEH-DEH!”

Adam Thielen jukes over an armrest. Like Diggs, it takes a little extra involvement for him to commit concepts to memory. Before Thielen’s first rookie camp, in 2013, he learned Minnesota’s entire playbook—for all three receiving positions, over a single weekend—by methodically diagramming routes on a dry-erase board, tracing his movements again and again with a marker. When Diggs arrived two years later, Thielen joined his fellow receivers in ribbing the new guy for his film-session spasms—until it dawned on Thielen that he was twitching the exact same way. “Sometimes we’ll look at each other,” he says. “We don’t say anything, but we know what the other is thinking, ‘I’m going to kill this guy because I’m going to—HAA!?HAA!?CHH!”?(Diggs: “Adam makes the funniest noises.”)patriots_116_7fb542ba0f083b95-180x180

Playing against Cleveland would not have done anything to change that perception.

David Steele: As hard as it is to ignore recency bias, keep in mind that while the Jaguars lost their last two games in surprising fashion, that was the first time they lost consecutive games all season, and before that they were threatening the Steelers and Patriots for a first-round bye. Also, the Jaguars were leading the NFL in multiple defensive categories, and Bortles had gone on the best three-game stretch of his four-year career (903 yards, seven touchdowns, no interceptions).

OK, so that Christmas Day game against Houston might have been stretching the definition of competitive.

Aikman won three Super Bowls as quarterback of the Cowboys. He’s played, or called, more big-time football than just about anybody. But even he admitted: I’m not sure, in all my years Joe, I’ve seen anything like that.

I give Buck and Aikman major props. They nailed one of the biggest calls of the year. Then they shut up and let the pictures tell the story as Diggs celebrated on the field like Rod Tidwell in Jerry Maguire, according to Michael Strahan, and Vikings fans exploded into their Skol battle cry.

Have you leaked to a reporter that you’d rather not play for the Cleveland Browns? Because it seems like that’s the thing to do right now. A few months back there was smoke surrounding USC QB Sam Darnold potentially choosing to stay in school—SCHOOL I tell you!—rather than risk getting picked by Cleveland first overall. (Darnold says that’s not the case, but he should play another year at USC because he’s not ready for the NFL anyway, but that’s a discussion for another time.) And now there are reports that Josh Rosen would rather play for the Giants than the Browns.

John Dorsey can and should be telling any QB prospect who is the least bit hesitant that they will not sit back and trust Josh Gordon and a talented-but-raw Corey Coleman as their only two options at wideout, that they’re going to be in on guys like Sammy Watkins and Jarvis Landry if they’re available. (And they also have a potentially very good pass-catching TE in David Njoku.) And if they do retain Hue Jackson, they just have to give assurances that he will never again run this offense the way he ran it in 2017, but instead dust off his old Bengals playbook. (That’s a tougher sell, I’m not sure what you do about the head coach after what happened to DeShone Kizer.)

Not many people expected the Titans to win the game, but they were able to pull it out thanks to a big second half by Derrick Henry. They nearly fumbled the game away, which resulted in an incredible call by ESPN’s Sean McDonough, but Henry was down.

Matt Ryan turns around to give direct audibles to FB Derrick Coleman, who is deaf

NBC’s broadcasting crew pointed out that Matt Ryan turned around while calling an audible with fullback Derrick Coleman in the backfield.

“Football, basically, it gave me a sense of understanding of where I stand in this world,” Coleman told CNN. “And it made me understand the world a lot better. In between those white lines, that’s all that matters.”

Every other Monday, Fitzpatrick leads a two-hour Bible study. At first his friends had to prod him to initiate conversations, reminding him that people have to connect before they can receive guidance. Fitzpatrick heard echoes of Rich Hansen III’s words recently when someone piped up to say, “You can’t expect the same things of a nonbeliever that you do of a believer because they just don’t know.” I have to teach people, he thought.

Fitzpatrick is finding his voice on the football field, too. Now, when younger players struggle during sweltering Tuscaloosa workouts, he yells, “I love it! I love it!” After an argument broke out during practice this season, he called a team meeting. “If somebody says something, they’re not trying to embarrass you,” he said. “They’re trying to make you better.”

Bill Cowher coached the Steelers to six consecutive playoff appearances, including one Super Bowl trip, after taking over the team in 1992. Then he went 7-9, 6-10 and 9-7, all three teams missing the playoffs.

There are flaws that need to be addressed. There is every reason to believe Mike Tomlin will be the person addressing those flaws as he should be.

You have competition like that, it raises the level that room, and that’s a big, important part of it.We’re letting the slip away.Catholic Church, and tutored high school students math.I was eating 100 Percs a month just to function – medication he grabbed from bowls of pills sitting out the Bears’ locker room.

Despite being thought of as a second fiddle to the passing game, we wrote back midseason, that White’s talents weren’t going anywhere, that he’d remain integral part of the offense.The constant was Kariya.I got 30 rugby players and stood them front of the stage.He was 21, with three losses overtime, and had 4 shutouts 46 .If was back San Diego, we still would feel that presence and his leadership that locker room.patriots_045_0c6d6d893c15f4a1-180x180

2018 NFL Draft order: Picks 1-24 set after wild-card games

The Browns clinched the No. 1 pick in the 2018 NFL Draft on Christmas Eve. They secured the fourth overall pick on New Year’s Eve.

The Colts did the Browns a favor on Sunday with their 22-13 win over the Texans (4-12). Thanks to a draft-day trade, the Browns own the Texans’ first-round pick, which is fourth overall after they lost to the Colts. That trade allowed the Texans to move up from 25th to 12th to select former Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson. The Browns then took Jabrill Peppers with the 25th pick.

“Motherf—er is the best Avenger in the squad,” Mackie says. “When I wake up as the Falcon, I wish I was Alvin Kamara.”

Around 8:30, Kamara is back on his couch, with Disney’s Moana on the television and all of his old friends hanging around. Bottles of Patron and Mo?t & Chandon champagne are scattered about. Kamara has a big night planned, a private table booked at Masquerade for Jeezy’s Christmas Eve party. That’s another part of being Kamara. He always goes out the night of a win. His favorite drink at dinner is a Moscow Mule, but when he’s partying he’ll drink anything. Just like the city he resides in, he is not bashful about drinking in season.

“I’m enjoying the motherf—ing bountiful harvest,” he says. “We win, I’m turning up.”

In a game that had four lead changes in the final three minutes, the Vikings secured a trip to next Sunday’s NFC championship game when Stefon Diggs raced 61 yards as time expired for the game-winning touchdown.

The irresistible force of the Rams offense led by Gurley, who led the NFL in combined rushing and receiving yards should still be too much. They’ve faced down their share of challenges in this renaissance year, and they should be able to handle this one.

Vinnie Iyer: The Falcons will start their NFC title defense far away from home against the rested Rams. The Falcons have the much better run defense, but the Rams have the more dangerous backfield because of Gurley.

But his eyes were always on converting to safety.It appears that you already have account on this site associated with.Clippers 115, Hawks 105: Rivers scored 27 points and Jamal Crawford broke out of a shooting slump with 19, helping Los Angeles beat Atlanta.

Ranked sixth tackles the league statistics …Both and Pennington watched 92 mph flit again.He was a first-team all-Big 12 selection 2014, and a second-team all-Big 12 player 2013 and 2012.He posted 44 points over 139 two seasons and though the team expected him to anchor its power play, the unit was pedestrian at best – 14th this 22nd last.But for $12 million and change a year, he is a steal.patriots_017_9fbed4131c79410c-180x180

Shohei Ohtani Bids Farewell to Fans in Japan With Ceremonial Pitch

Los Angeles Angels-bound Shohei Ohtani bid farewell to fans of his former Japanese club on Monday as he sets off to join his new Major League Baseball team.

The star pitcher and hitter wore an Angels jersey to his news conference. He opened with an introduction in English, saying: “Long time, no see. I’m Shohei Ohtani. Welcome to my press conference. Please enjoy.” The Sapporo Dome crowd erupted in laughter and applause.

USA Football, the sport’s national governing body the United States, is the official youth football development partner of the Packers, the NFL and each of the league’s other 31 teams.While we were impacted by the sluggish retail environment the United States, we focused on developing fresh new product for 2017, maintaining strong gross margins and keeping our inventory line, said Weinberg.Boyle failed the Rangers his two years New .The Ice got imports Tim Bozon and Rinat Valiev back on the weekend.

PFF named him its most improved player.He made only five further League appearances before retiring from the game 1991 at the age of 31.If Domata Peko is re-signed, it be the long-time veteran along with Thompson and Sims who compete for the defensive tackle snaps alongside Geno Atkins next , which could leave Billings as a regular gameday inactive.As he admitted his touching Hall of Fame speech he was bipolar and didn’t get help.He’s just behind Owens on the career receiving yards list.

He had been a healthy scratch seven of his last nine contests.Another potential bench player, shortstop Dixon Machado, is out of options and must make the roster or be subject to waiver claims.It is as if he has faded into the woodwork that makes up the boards around a hockey rink and simply disappeared.

He remembers the major junior Seattle Breakers, who later turned into the Thunderbirds and last season won their first-ever WHL title. In the old days, the building would blare Rock And Roll Part 2 during intermissions and the Zamboni driver would purposely crash into the boards to rev up fans, spewing snow through the chicken wire because the machine didn’t have a cover. “Not a ton of Seattle kids really went that route,” Bissett says. “It was more Canadians coming down and filling that roster. There wasn’t a ton of Seattle kids, or at least at the time.”

For his part, Bissett came up through the Sno-King amateur program, “this little team that nobody knew anything about” yet stunned more established organizations by winning peewee and bantam nationals within three years. He graduated from Michigan Tech, got drafted by Detroit in the 11th round, and joined the Red Wings around Thanksgiving 1990. On his first shift, a 5-on-3 power play against Chicago, Bissett had a backdoor chance but missed the far post. “I was ready over there, got decent wodo on it, but it just went behind [Blackhawks goalie Ed] Belfour,” he says. “That was my one good chance.” Bissett played twice more, returned to the minors, reappeared for two more games in January, and then enjoyed a long overseas career that stretched into the 2000s.bears_086-223x223

Elliott’s endless battle.

Three years after Goodell was excoriated for a too-light two-game domestic violence suspension to a star running back (Ray Rice), he swung the pendulum with a six-game suspension for Ezekiel Elliott despite there having been no criminal charges filed in the incident in question. The discipline brought the wrath of Jerry Jones and set off litigation throughout the fall, with Elliott’s early success in court allowing him to play into November. As so often happens in the NFL (Tom Brady), Elliott’s legal luck ran out at the appellate level, with the suspension reinstated. As with Brady, the CBA-infused power of the commissioner, after millions in NFLPA legal fees, was actually strengthened.

Karlsson ranks second among defensemen with 62 points while ranks fourth with 47.He had his most productive with the Lakers 2013, averaging 15 points per game and making 40 percent of his 3-point attempts.Especially for someone his size, his ability to beat opposing offensive linemen with a quick first step and some nimble footwork really stands out.moves puck Predators zone.

Shot Blocked by .sustained a sprained ankle last week’s loss against Denver.The only thing worse than being a joyless, finger-wagging crypto-racist is posturing as one order to capitalize on the panic that was gripping the league at the time.

That leads to this question: Should Manning be the Giants’ quarterback of the future, with New York likely to have a top-five pick in a draft that has multiple first-round-projected quarterbacks? Since Manning quarterbacked the Giants to their last Super Bowl win in his age-30 season, 2011, here’s how he ranks against all other quarterbacks in the league (minimum 50 games played) in some major statistical metrics.

Manning, then, is in the bottom five of passer rating, completion percentage, interceptions and yards per attempt among quarterbacks over the past six years. The Giants, whoever the GM and the coach will be in a month, are going to have a decision to make on their 37-year-old quarterback.

He should have his fair share of one-on-one matchups the slot with the opportunities to break over the top without a safety there to help.White should’ve won Super Bowl MVP — even said .Normal Defense Lineup #1 – , Carlson are on ice for Stars.He has a good eye, draws walks, but also makes contact readily, avoiding the sort of contact problems that can hold power hitters back.

The KC Royals and Twins play game two of their three game series on Tuesday.Finally, as if problem overcome, the word subjective is put scare quotes, as if calling PFF’s statistics subjective is unfair bit of slander, and we are reassured the grading bring some intelligence to the raw numbers.But for us the goal was using sub-maximal weights but lifting with maximal force.

It appears the referees decided the beard interaction was unintentional.

The fight came off the opening faceoff. Kadri said Thornton challenged him after the two were tossed from the faceoff circle following a nasty slashing exchange.

Kadri, who was giving up at least 4 inches and 30 pounds to Thornton, appeared to be trying to grab a handful of his sweater but got beard instead – unintentionally, he said.

”I mean he’s a big boy.” Kadri said about the 6-foot-4 Shark. ”I couldn’t reach all the way across his shoulder. I felt like I just grabbed him in the middle of his jersey and just came down with a handful of his hair. I thought I was a hockey player not a barber.”

The damage appeared to be done as Thornton lost his balance and went down, with Kadri still attached to his beard. The dislodged hair landed on the ice and the mini-tumbleweed was eventually handed over to the Sharks bench, presumably for safe-keeping.

Thornton, who didn’t speak after the game, has been in beard brouhahas before.

In the 2015-16 playoffs, he and St. Louis’ David Backes each grabbed the other’s beard during an altercation that saw no punches thrown.

I could talk forever about Morneau’s injury history.Gehrig took jobs as a maid, launderer, cook, and baker.He earned second-team All-ACC as a senior.Recruits students from: Washington Tips for First Year Applicants: Do not wait to the last minute to take college entrance exams, complete the application process, and apply for financial aid.

TMZ was the first to announce the news Friday, and ‘s Adam Schefter confirmed it.This icon opens the menu A dark-gray magnifying glass icon.He had to make just 15 saves – a few big ones, though – Thursday’s win over Montreal, but is with 42 saves on 44 shots over his last two .Back on Broadway by 1945 with , Rodgers and Hammerstein grew more expansive .After video review, referee Bill Vinovich ruled the play stood and the points counted.We’ve done special things.

Those of you who have serious doubts about de facto Howie Roseman’s talent-evaluation skills should be able to find some comfort the fact that his top two scouts – vice-president of player personnel and assistant director of player personnel Weidl – both were trained by Newsome and the Ravens’ organization.It wasn’t great timing because daughter, Margaux, had been born just a week before.At 6-foot-3 and 185 pounds, McBain has a great frame to build on.They also had — and have — a looming situation with a restricted free agent .has been Director of the Iowa ‘s Motor Vehicle Division since 1.

Mazara put a remarkable array of pitches play last year, which kept his swinging-strike rate, and probably his overall strikeout rate, the realm of the surprisingly reasonable while throwing his pitch selection a bit out of whack.Right along with shedding enough salary to get the Hawks below the NHL ‘s cap for next , Bowman’s top priority the coming days be re-signing the rapidly emerging Saad.Penalty Kill Defense Lineup #1 – Gudbranson, Staal are on ice for Predators.Gulls 34-year-old right wing McGrattan, suffered what the team called upper-body injury a second-period fight with Rampage right wing Maggio.chargers_095

The Steelers’ loss to the Patriots last week certainly damaged Pittsburgh’s standing in the NFL playoff picture.

But the good news for the Steelers is there are a couple of Week 16 scenarios in which they can clinch a first-round bye for the playoffs. New England can do that, too, but the Patriots also have a chance to clinch home-field advantage throughout the AFC playoffs.

The Eagles have a similar opportunity in the NFC, as there are three Week 16 scenarios in which Philadelphia can clinch home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. The Vikings can clinch a first-round bye. The Rams, after demolishing the Seahawks in Week 15, can officially clinch the division Sunday.

The NFC South is a playoff picture worth watching on its own. All three contenders from the division have chances to clinch playoff berths in Week 16. Unlike the Panthers and Falcons, however, the Saints have a chance to win the division this week.

I think it does, but I’m just I’m not focused on that, Gobert said.Pittsburgh is hopeful return 2017.It just seems like when he gets there, whether run game or pass game, he seems to make something happen.I was talking to somebody about next career, Iguodala said.But you know, and when you walk up the trail, it looks bad, like at Lost Lake, but if you was to walk up there the summer, the mud and stuff that you on Lost Lake Trail is actually sitting on a big rock anyway, it isn’t like you’re ruining out causing — ZIMMERMAN: Well, because it’s a nice spot, but when you go cross the creek, the bank’s real steep, and then you’ve got to make — right when you go up the bank, it’s maybe 6 foot high, then you’ve got to make immediate left because there’s a rock there.

March, Manning made the emotional announcement that he was saying goodbye to football after 18 successful seasons with the NFL.And sister was up there when Red Boucher was there, and he’s quite a — was or is — was quite a lady’s , and sister, she was fairly attractive, and Red was visiting with her all the time.The play by LoVett near the end of the second half is example of the determination of St., passed away , February 5th, 2017 at his residence.

Not so good, clearly.He felt like he caused Parra’s injury, but I told him, 鈥榊ou were going hard after the ball, and those things happen on the baseball field.’ Those things happen because he was hustling and trying to make a 7 with a 3 .Pittsburgh is hopeful return 2017.Try doing it for a few weeks and you’ll see that the NFL is just not worth it.We’ll how it goes.

Bears extend GM Ryan Pace through 2021

The Bears announced Monday the extension of general manager Ryan Pace’s contract two more years through 2021.

Ted Phillips announces Ryan Pace’s contract has been extended through 2021: He’s earned the opportunity to see his plan to fruition.

Team owner Steve Bisciotti and the Ravens have remained in the championship conversation every year largely because they don’t let fans make decisions for them. However, after their 9-7 season ended Sunday in a nightmarish, last-minute loss to the Bengals, the local faithful have voiced their impatience with the last three playoff-less seasons.

It was Pavelec’s first NHL game this after the veteran goalie was sent to AHL Manitoba at the end of training camp.He talked about eating up all the food.I know he is good, but I ‘t much more about him other than that.and it’s disturbing.The first one shouldn’t be a huge surprise.But we should really commemorate the achievement by showing what Moore not what he didn’t do.The Chiefs are 2-for-9 the red zone Orton’s two starts.Berg is FTW’s lead baseball and Taco writer.

But through all that, among NFC playoff teams, only Drew Brees and the Saints had more passing yards per game and more passing yards per attempt than Ryan and the Falcons. Ryan also was better pass protected, taking 24 sacks vs. 37 last season. Only Brees was sacked fewer times (20) in the conference.

In this scenario, a Minnesota-New Orleans divisional round game would be a terrific matchup. The Vikings knocked off the Saints 29-19 in the season opener but that was before the Saints were fully utilizing rookie sensation Alvin Kamara.

The Vikings’ dome will be very tough on the road team and Minnesota’s defense is on a roll, having given up only one garbage-time touchdown in their last three games. I also like the poise with which Vikings quarterback Case Keenum is playing. Minnesota’s skill players on offense, led by Pro Bowl receiver Adam Thielen, are underrated, but the health of its offensive line is a continuing concern.

Vinnie Iyer: The Falcons will start their NFC title defense far away from home against the rested Rams.

The Falcons have the much better run defense, but the Rams have the more dangerous backfield because of Gurley.

Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman must have a big game to help the Falcons control the ball and clock, limiting the opportunities for the Rams’ explosive, quick-strike offense. Look for Wade Phillips to scheme to stop the run first, turning this into a passing duel between Ryan and Jared Goff.

Austin served as the Cardinals’ defensive backs coach from 2007-09 under Ken Whisenhunt. At 52, he is overdue for his first head-coaching job, probably hurt a little by Detroit’s up-and-down results. Arizona is an ideal landing spot for his demeanor.

“Yeah, I see him as our quarterback next season,” Gase told the media Wednesday. “And that’s any player. I mean anybody can go down at any moment. Really I don’t look at it as two injuries. I look at it as he had the knee, we were advised, and so was he, to handle it a certain way and it didn’t work out.

“So you know, that’s kind of the part of the business that’s tough. Where we went with the advice we all thought was good for us. And it didn’t work out. Now next year we get him back. And he’ll probably be stronger than he’s ever been.”

Tannehill tore his left anterior cruciate ligament during the preseason, sidelining him for 2017. He also had a knee injury on the same leg the season before, although it hasn’t been stated that the two injuries were related.

According to Gase, Tannehill will be back “stronger than he’s ever been.”

32 is the most likely to be traded somewhere.While there was no report stating which three American League teams actually expressed interest, it is known that the Astros are looking to keep him.It was Jacksonville’s Sen’Derrick Marks who set the market for defensive tackles this offseason.From through September, Springer treated us to of his famous leadoff Springer Dingers, as well as countless athletic plays right field.With already congested big man rotation, there’s a possibility that this isn’t the end of Milwaukee’s trades, although according to Stein, early indications suggest that both Hawes and Hibbert not be on the move.However, I know that and aren’t nostalgic, and tend to let veterans go a year before they hit their decline.