Whether the Angels make the postseason is what counts, he said.

Everybody in this locker room was disappointed that we were so close, but we didn’t get to the postseason. That to me is more important than anything else, he said.

Pujols also declined to talk about playing with pain in recent years.

I don’t need to talk about that. Everybody plays with pain. I don’t put excuses on how I’m hitting, he said.

With a possible Supreme Court case being heard this year that could legalize sports betting, the NBA has taken proactive steps to be prepared for it. We’re still in the early stages, but they’ve suggested that the league should be owed 1 percent of all profits off sports betting should the model become actuality.

It’s what our view of a model bill was, but we’re happy to sit with legislators and talk about what the best system would be, Silver said.

The NBA feels entitled to such a cut because it would cost it money to legislate and ensure fairness in sports betting, Silver said.

Jason and I discussed that and talked about how that communication was the two-way street, Kapler said. He shared what a good communicator coach Pederson was and how that communication was critical in establishing and maintaining trust throughout the season.

Kapler said he felt the message Kelce gave his players was one that will inspire them and one they needed to hear as they begin the season.

I think there were 8 to 10 (things) to take away, but the No. 1 was it is OK to fall down, be fearless, get back up, be bold and do it all over again, Kapler said. Champions have stories to share and they’re effective for a reason.

The next skater up is the defending Sochi gold medalist, Japan’s Yuzuru Hanyu. He skated to Ballade No. 1 by Frederic Chopin. Hanyu’s early skate was flawless, hitting his spots without any trouble. A quad toeloop into triple toeloop was executed perfectly, and he finished with a brilliant score of 111.68.royals_084