Payton: There will be fewer penalties for lowering the helmet than expected

Saints coach Sean Payton also serves as a member of the Competition Committee. Thus, his recent visit to PFT Live also included questions regarding recent Competition Committee projects, including the new helmet rule, which generally prohibits lowering the helmet before initiating contact.

The new helmet rule continues to be cloaked in ambiguity. Will it dramatically change the game? Will the impact be limited? Mixed signals have come from the league in the weeks since the league abruptly, and surprisingly, passed the rule.

“The good news is if the ejection is called on the field it will be reviewed always,” Payton said. “I think everyone, coaches, all of us felt like that’s gonna help us understand and get a good picture of whether it was egregious or not.

The star running back’s legal battle with the NFL lasted until the middle of November. He ultimately served the six-game suspension, with the Cowboys going 3-3 without him. Dallas finished 9-7, just missing the postseason.

But the eight games Elliott played before that were affected by the threat of the suspension, and his return was affected by six weeks off the field.

That’s why Jerry Jones expects a return to form by Elliott in 2018.

“I think that not having to address that mentally and physically, not having to think about not only the interruption of the potential suspension and the suspension but just the physical interruption, the physical aspect of that [should help Elliott],” the Cowboys owner said.

Receiver A.D. Miller had beaten the White team’s secondary down the middle of the field for what appeared to be an easy touchdown. Instead, Murray’s heave died in the wind at the goal line, allowing a pair of defenders to recover and bat the pass away.

After the two sides finished in an uninspiring 3-3 tie, head coach Lincoln Riley unexpectedly called for overtime, which allowed Murray’s Red team to prevail on a Marcelias Sutton 18-yard scoring scamper.orioles_017