Warren Moon on leave from Seahawks broadcast amid sexual harassment allegation

Warren Moon is facing serious sexual harassment allegations from a California woman who worked for his sports marketing firm.

The Hall of Fame quarterback has been working as a color commentator for the Seahawks radio network, but has requested a leave of absence. Moon, who spent 17 years in the NFL after winning five Grey Cups in a six-year CFL stint, has denied the allegations.

He was accused of sexual harassment in 1995 by a Vikings cheerleader and settled out of court. He was arrested later that year following a domestic incident with his wife, Felicia, who accused Moon of slapping and choking her. Moon was later acquitted when his wife told a jury she provoked the fight. The couple divorced in 2001 to end a 20-year marriage.

“This coach has decided, he has told you Giant fans, he has told you New York that in his football wisdom Geno Smith gives him the best chance to win this week, not Eli Manning,” Francesa said on WFAN.

Manning had started 210 consecutive games prior to this week, which was second all-time to Packers great Brett Favre. He has thrown for more than 50,000 yards and won two Super Bowls in which he was the MVP of both.

Francesa was not a fan of the move and he chalked it up to McAdoo’s failures as a coach and the knowledge that he is on the hot seat.

“This is a desperate move by a desperate guy who is clinging, clinging,” Francesa said. “And the fact that John Mara has not separated himself from this fool is hard to believe.”

Francesa was far from done.ny_rangers_007