Chiefs DE Chris Jones saw a penalty flag in the air, so he caught it

Maybe Ed Hochuli should put those glasses back on!

Thielen is the kind of dog who refused to back down in a small shoving match with Jones at that open scrimmage; who scorched the Packers’ secondary last Christmas Eve for 202 yards—the most by a Vikings receiver since Moss in 1999—and punctuated his first of two TDs with a Lambeau Leap; who struts past Zimmer on the sideline, barking over and over, “They can’t cover me!”

The Falcons have won three of their last four road games after their victory in Los Angeles last weekend. They have now forced at least one turnover in six straight away games after failing to force a single one in their previous three.

Philadelphia has totaled less than 220 yards of offense in their last two home games, the first time they’ve done so since Sept. 12-19, 1999. They have not done so in three straight home games since Oct. 10-31, 1971.

Atlanta is 4-2 in the playoffs since the start of the 2012 season. They won six playoff games between 1966 and 2011.

McNabb and Davis had both been suspended, along with several other current and former NFL Network analysts and an executive, after a former NFL Network wardrobe stylist, Jami Cantor, filed a wrongful termination lawsuit in October alleging the harassment.

In that situation, players are typically ejected since they’re not supposed to be putting their hands on officials. Marshawn Lynch was ejected for the same thing earlier this season against Kansas City.

Much like Lynch, however, it appeared that Pouncey didn’t realize it was an official that he was about to put his hands on.

Across the Vikings’ meeting room, from the third row: “Then I’m gonna—DEH-DEH-DEH!”

Adam Thielen jukes over an armrest. Like Diggs, it takes a little extra involvement for him to commit concepts to memory. Before Thielen’s first rookie camp, in 2013, he learned Minnesota’s entire playbook—for all three receiving positions, over a single weekend—by methodically diagramming routes on a dry-erase board, tracing his movements again and again with a marker. When Diggs arrived two years later, Thielen joined his fellow receivers in ribbing the new guy for his film-session spasms—until it dawned on Thielen that he was twitching the exact same way. “Sometimes we’ll look at each other,” he says. “We don’t say anything, but we know what the other is thinking, ‘I’m going to kill this guy because I’m going to—HAA!?HAA!?CHH!”?(Diggs: “Adam makes the funniest noises.”)patriots_116_7fb542ba0f083b95-180x180