Playing against Cleveland would not have done anything to change that perception.

David Steele: As hard as it is to ignore recency bias, keep in mind that while the Jaguars lost their last two games in surprising fashion, that was the first time they lost consecutive games all season, and before that they were threatening the Steelers and Patriots for a first-round bye. Also, the Jaguars were leading the NFL in multiple defensive categories, and Bortles had gone on the best three-game stretch of his four-year career (903 yards, seven touchdowns, no interceptions).

OK, so that Christmas Day game against Houston might have been stretching the definition of competitive.

Aikman won three Super Bowls as quarterback of the Cowboys. He’s played, or called, more big-time football than just about anybody. But even he admitted: I’m not sure, in all my years Joe, I’ve seen anything like that.

I give Buck and Aikman major props. They nailed one of the biggest calls of the year. Then they shut up and let the pictures tell the story as Diggs celebrated on the field like Rod Tidwell in Jerry Maguire, according to Michael Strahan, and Vikings fans exploded into their Skol battle cry.

Have you leaked to a reporter that you’d rather not play for the Cleveland Browns? Because it seems like that’s the thing to do right now. A few months back there was smoke surrounding USC QB Sam Darnold potentially choosing to stay in school—SCHOOL I tell you!—rather than risk getting picked by Cleveland first overall. (Darnold says that’s not the case, but he should play another year at USC because he’s not ready for the NFL anyway, but that’s a discussion for another time.) And now there are reports that Josh Rosen would rather play for the Giants than the Browns.

John Dorsey can and should be telling any QB prospect who is the least bit hesitant that they will not sit back and trust Josh Gordon and a talented-but-raw Corey Coleman as their only two options at wideout, that they’re going to be in on guys like Sammy Watkins and Jarvis Landry if they’re available. (And they also have a potentially very good pass-catching TE in David Njoku.) And if they do retain Hue Jackson, they just have to give assurances that he will never again run this offense the way he ran it in 2017, but instead dust off his old Bengals playbook. (That’s a tougher sell, I’m not sure what you do about the head coach after what happened to DeShone Kizer.)

Not many people expected the Titans to win the game, but they were able to pull it out thanks to a big second half by Derrick Henry. They nearly fumbled the game away, which resulted in an incredible call by ESPN’s Sean McDonough, but Henry was down.