Rams keep going all in, possibly with short-term players

The Rams have acquired several key players in the past month, and they eventually may have to make some tough decisions about which ones they’ll keep.

Defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh has signed a one-year deal, and now receiver Brandin Cooks has been acquired as he enters the option year of his rookie contract. With defensive tackle Aaron Donald in the same posture and with only one franchise tag to use, the Rams eventually may have to let one or more of these guys walk after 2018.

The end result of the various trades (including picks added from the trades of defensive end Robert Quinn and linebacker Alec Ogletree) is that the Rams have only one third-round pick, three fourth-round picks, and two sixth-round picks in the 2018 draft. They also have given up a second-round pick in 2019.

The approach cuts again the approach that many teams take to building the franchise, opting for cheap, young talent that can be developed at low cash and cap numbers and that becomes the nucleus of a team that has consistency and continuity.

Fisch served as UCLA’s offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach last season and spoke highly of his time with Rosen.

“Some people are referring to his intellect or the background that he started as a tennis player and became a football player, but in terms of coaching him he was great to coach,” Fisch said. “I enjoyed the meeting room every single day. He makes coaches better and he makes the players around him better based on his knowledge and how you’ve really got to work to make sure you’re stimulating his brain as well.”

The last comment seemed to at least give credence to Mora’s observation that Rosen’s attention can wander. So a follow up was asked as to whether there was any concern about whether Rosen truly loved the game.la_kings_007