The Steelers’ loss to the Patriots last week certainly damaged Pittsburgh’s standing in the NFL playoff picture.

But the good news for the Steelers is there are a couple of Week 16 scenarios in which they can clinch a first-round bye for the playoffs. New England can do that, too, but the Patriots also have a chance to clinch home-field advantage throughout the AFC playoffs.

The Eagles have a similar opportunity in the NFC, as there are three Week 16 scenarios in which Philadelphia can clinch home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. The Vikings can clinch a first-round bye. The Rams, after demolishing the Seahawks in Week 15, can officially clinch the division Sunday.

The NFC South is a playoff picture worth watching on its own. All three contenders from the division have chances to clinch playoff berths in Week 16. Unlike the Panthers and Falcons, however, the Saints have a chance to win the division this week.

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